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"99 Happy Haunts" - August Movie Night Box

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It's Movie Night Boils & Ghouls & this is our August "99 Happy Haunts" Movie Night Box. 
We are like crying in excitement to do this box. It's Disneyland's The Haunted Mansions 50th Anniversary & we can't wait to send you home w/ some of our favorite Ghosts from our Home sweet Home.
This Box will contain inspired Items from our favorite Disneyland Ride, overall Home Goals, and Lifestyle obsessions "99 Happy Haunts"....
Pre-Sales for This Movie Night Box will end July 28th
And will Begin Shipping August 16th & 17th
The "99 Happy Haunts" Movie Night Box will Include...

- An Exclusive Bath Bomb by us.
- A Shower or Skin Care Product
- Bar of Soap and or Shower or Skin care Product
And 3 additional Outsourced items
There will also be our 5 lucky VICTIMS that will receive an extra item.
Movie Recommendations when Unboxing - The Haunted Mansion, Foolish Mortals & Escape from Tomorrow
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