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MARCH Movie Night Box -

MARCH Movie Night Box - "Amity Island"

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It's Movie Night Boils & Ghouls & Now you can get your claws on one of our very few & limited left over Boxes at $35.00.
Be sure to join us for future movie months during Pre-Sales, to reserve your box at $29.99.
and your chance to be one of our 5 victims who get an additional item!!
So Won't you Join us?
This Movie Night Month Included.
- "Jaws" Exclusive Bath Bomb
- “Amity Island” Body Spray
- Jawsome Body wash
- Jaws Pin (all my morbid things)
- Shark pin
- Jaws bookmark
The Bonus Item (There were 5 lucky VICTIMS) that received: 
Jaws light up dvd from Neon Glow DVD’s


Movie Recommendations when Unboxing - Jaws

Next Month's Movie Night Box: "FREAK HOTEL”
Pre-Sales till April 28th. 
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