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"Freak Hotel" - May Movie Night Box

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It's Movie Night Boils & Ghouls & this is our May "Freak Hotel" Movie Night Box. 
This Box will contain Items from American Horror Story's Freakshow & Hotel.... inspired items! I
It's Where Porcelain Wolf started for us. Watching this show, these seasons and sampling and learning how to make the best bath bombs ever. 
Pre-Sales for This Movie Night Box will end April 28th
And will Begin Shipping May 16th & 17th
The "Freak Hotel" Movie Night Box will Include...

- An Exclusive Bath Bomb by us.
- A Shower or Skin Care Product
- Bar of Soap and or Shower or Skin care Product
And 3 additional Outsourced items
There will also be our 5 lucky VICTIMS that will receive an extra item.
Movie Recommendations when Unboxing - Any Season of American Horror Story
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