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Noir Box

Noir Box

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It's Our Noir Box & Now you can get your claws on one of our very few & limited left over Boxes at $35.99.
Be sure to join us for future monthly boxes during Pre-Sales, to reserve your box at $29.99.
The Noir Box Included.

- "Sunken Place" Exclusive Bath Bomb - Infused in Holy Hangman Tea
- "Vision Quest Forest" Exclusive Bath Bomb - White Rabbit in the center
- United as One Heart Shaped Bar of Soap
- The Movie Blacula Notebook (Little Shop of Gore)
- Kittyman (Candyman) 5x7 Print (Stupid Animals)
- Queen of the Damned  5x7 Print ()

Movie Recommendations when Unboxing - Get Out, Candyman, US, Blacula, Queen of the damned, Tales from the Crypt,