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The Halloween Box

The Halloween Box

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Halloween comes a little early this year. Or should I say, aside us living in a "Everyday is Halloween" normal mentality, we'd start dishin out the special EXTRA Halloween we always crave. This is just the type of the ice burg.
And again as you guys know, we usually do our amazing Monthly Movie Night Box, however we've been on a different kick lately, with all the series of events going on, we are just kind of creating to our feels... & changing it a bit for the next month or so! 

With that said we are doing The Halloween Box, which is to celebrate obviously Halloween!!!! And some of our FAVORITE Halloween Horror Movies and or some of our most FAVORITE things during Halloween.  

❤ The "Halloween" Box will Include...
2 Bath Bombs (Package-less)
1 Bar of Soap
3 Outsourced Items
Pre-Sales for This Box will begin right now for 2 week and we will only have 25 of them.....


This item will begin shipping September 15th.