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FEATURED PRODUCT: "I Killed The Teen Dream..... Deal with it" - September Movie Night Box

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It's Movie Night Boils & Ghouls & this is our FIFTH Movie Night. Yay! Won't you Join us? But first you must know that, "We're gonna stuff her pretty little face w/ Pancakes"... before getting in on this month.
A movie that I know inspires us all. So now you can reserve your "I Killed The Teen Dream..... Deal with it" Limited Edition Box during Pre-Sale from now until August 28th.

Boxes will begin shipping September 15th, just in time for our Monthly Movie Night where you can join the Porcelain Wolf Crew & our Best Ghoulfrans unbox the I KILLED THE TEEN DREAM.... Box during a Live Stream with you all in August! 

Movie Recommendations when Unboxing - JAWBREAKER, The Heathers, Girl House, Cruel Intensions, She Devil, Death Becomes Her...

I KILLED THE TEEN DREAM Limited Edition Box will include:
One Exclusive Bath Bomb
One Shower or Skin Care Product
One Exclusive Soap
2-3 Additional Surprise Items to Die over...
3-5 Special boxes will have bonus features. 
Yep, one additional killer item

Will you be one of our lucky victims?

Don't forget to check back here or follow us @porcelain.wolf on Instagram when we set a date for our Movie Night and Live Stream!